How to Make a Super Cute Infant Baby Tutu

Tutorial: How to Make a Crochet Headband Baby Tutu

Isn’t this tutu just so super cute? I’m calling it a rainbow sherbet baby tutu lol. Doesn’t it remind you of that yummy desert? I wish I had a baby to put this on….the photo doesn’t do it justice. Maybe I’ll just have to send it to one of you all as a prize so you can send me a photo 🙂

Crochet HB Baby Tutu

This is a super easy, quick, and fun project to make for your little darling. Here are the instructions.


Materials Needed:


About 25 yards of tulle. I used 4 colors, so a little over 6 yards of each color

1.5” Crochet Headband



Step One:

Cut a bunch of strips from your tulle roll. Cut the strips twice as long as you want your tutu to be. I wanted my tutu to be short for a baby, so I cut mine about 10” long. That way my tutu will be about 4.5”-5” long.

*Note* These headbands do stretch quite a bit. So you can make tutus for girls up to about 3 years old or so. You’d just need to adjust the length of tulle you use for how long you want your tutu.


Step Two:

I stretched my crochet headband over a 10” wide cardboard mailing envelope so that I don’t have to try to hold it while I’m trying to add my tulle pieces.


Step Three:

Fold a strip of tulle in half like in a “U” shape. Then pull it through one of the holes in the second row up from the bottom of the headband. You don’t want to use the holes in the bottom row because there isn’t much material to hold your tulle in place and you’ll probably break it (see illustration below).



Step Four:

Pull the length of tulle up through the loop you just made and pull it tight into a knot (thank goodness for pictures, because I don’t think I articulated this step very well 🙂


Step Five:

Repeat step four above alternating colors as desired until your each hole in that second row up has a tulle strip tied to it.


Step Six:

Trim your tulle piece to the look you want. I like mine nice and even, but you could do spike and random as well. Whatever you like–there are not rules here!



Voila! A super fun, easy, and quick tutu!

And, you can make it in any color combination you need!